Board of Directors Members

The Board of Directors are elected annually by a vote of the property owners and serve alternating two year terms.  Property owners in good standing are encouraged to volunteer to serve on the board.

Current elected members of the Board of Directors are:


Jack Angaran, President

Karin Klove, Vice President
Norman Kelly, Treasurer
Connie Duncan, Secretary
Gretchen Swope, Director



Property owners are also encouraged to volunteer for committee assignments.  Current committees include (members listed in alphabetical order):

Financial Advisory Committee (advises the board on long-term management of the association's finances):

James Manly
Norman Kelly
James Pinger

Gate & Landscaping Committee (maintains common-area landscaping and infrastructure; not responsible for enforcing private landscaping compliance):  

Jack Angaran
Connie Duncan
Jeffrey Houston*

Dana Marcoccia
Dean Marcoccia

Marc Markwell

Social Committee (organizes social functions for the association's membership):

Jeanne Held
Jennifer Rogers Markwell

Tina Montella*
Lori Stanko*
Gretchen Swope

Website Committee (maintains the association's website):

Jeffrey Houston

Jack Angaran

* chair / co-chair
board liaison; alternate board liaison