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Content below is for informational purposes only and is not necessarily a complete list of easements within the community.  It should not be used as a substitute for consultation with a licensed surveyor.

Roadway Easements:

Landscape Easement:

Utility Easements:

Drainage Easements:

Drainage Easement Maintenance Agreements:

Pedestrian & Equestrian Easement

  • 20' PUE & Pedestrian & Equestrian Easement
    Pedestrian & Equestrian easement from detention pond along rear of properties on east side of Silver Wolf Rd to the south end of the development

Irrigation Ditch Easements:

  • Steamboat Ditch Easement
    40' Easement from Silver Wolf Rd to Wolf Run Golf Course
    30' Easement on west bank from Washoe County to Silver Wolf Rd
    22' Easement on east bank from Washoe County to Silver Wolf Rd

  • Concrete Irrigation Ditch
    15' Irrigation Ditch easement from Steamboat Ditch along rear of properties on west side of Silver Wolf Rd, crossing Silver Wolf Rd near speed camera, and extending to Whites Creek Estates

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